LEONARDO Drink & Care Urinary Chicken



For little drinkers: No matter how much they play, some four-legged friends are simply not very thirsty.

A small sip of motivation helps to restore their fluid balance: The delicious meat flavor of LEONARDO Drink & Care Urinary Chicken stimulates the drinking instinct, promotes fluid intake and is also good for the urinary tract! This is because the added methionine optimizes the urine pH value, thus reducing the tendency to urinary tract disorders and increasing well-being sip by sip.


Offer 1-2 bags per day in addition to a complete food (dry or wet food) to your cat. In addition to that, fresh drinking water should be offered anytime. Shake before use.

Bieten Sie Ihrer Katze 1–2 Beutel pro Tag als Ergänzung zu einem Alleinfuttermittel (Trocken- oder Nassfutter) an. Zusätzlich ausreichend frisches Trinkwasser bereitstellen.

Vor Gebrauch schütteln.