Belcando Adult GF Horse


Animal protein content 65% (horse 60%; krill 5%)

√ For dogs with normal activity

√ with extra fresh horse meat

√ For dogs with food indigestion and food allergies

12.5 kg

For dogs with normal activity and grain sensitivities, as well as for dogs with food allergies

With extra fresh horse meat and selected ingredients, BELCANDO® Adult GF Horse is a special treat for dogs. Grain-free, with delicious meat, this formula is especially suitable for sensitive dogs. In addition, the content of valuable ingredients partially increases the dog's vitality and well-being. One of them is amaranth, which is a valuable alternative to grains, rich in important nutrients and vital components. The result of combining amaranth and krill is a valuable source of omega-3 fatty acids in a highly balanced formula.

12.5 kg