Dehydrated natural salmon

Including dehydrating salmon in the pet's diet has many health benefits: fish is a flavor that dogs simply adore.

Salmon in the dog's diet is a source of protein, which the pet needs for physical activity.

Salmon has a positive effect on the health of the pet:

• Reduces joint inflammation
• Monitors the animal’s weight
• Cleanses the liver of toxins due to its high methionine content
• Strengthens bones and joints
• Contains vitamins for coat and skin
• Participates in the natural production of immune bodies.

Salmon treats contain:

•Vitamins A, B, D, G
• Amino acids
• Calcium
• Iodine
• Zinc
•Phosphorus, which is involved in the brain activity of the animal. This substance should be present in the diet of adult dogs and small puppies. Phosphorus develops the animal's memory, improves its vision and thought processes.

Recommended for use during trainings.

Salmon becomes an ideal food for your pet because it helps prevent many diseases. In addition, salmon protein is easily digestible, so it becomes a food suitable for all types of dogs and is ideal for those animals with stomach problems or age .

Dehydrated salmon is ideal for ALL breeds of dogs and cats.
Recommended for dogs and cats of all breeds from 1.5 - 2 months of age.​​

100% NATURAL product without dyes, preservatives or flavor enhancers!