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Delivery by courier and by post in Georgia.
Since 2020, the company "Doguna" has been operating on the Georgian market.

Using a special drying technology, the company produces treats for pets made of various types of meats and by-products. Special technology allows us to preserve all useful and natural properties of our products.

We use no additives and preservatives. Our priority is quality, and that's why our products are made from laboratory-tested meat of the first category, which undergoes two types of heat treatment before the final stage of the processing.

The “Doguna” company expands the assortment constantly.

Today we produce treats made of chicken, turkey, beef, pork, rabbit meat, and also biscuits with different type of meat, oat and vegetables.

Using “Doguna’s” treats is a way to interact with the pet that is useful and delicious.

“Doguna’s” treats are made in Georgia with love!
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